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What is Immigration

Immigration is permission/visa to permanently migrate from one country to another if you qualify as per the criteria set by the respective country,  you can take your immediate family along with you or they may follow you after some time, you may also sponsor your parents and other family members once you are settled there,

Who can apply

Immigration selection criteria is a points based system, and points are awarded for your age, education, experience and language abilities, earning power and funds to support yourself in the initial period once you migrate, these criteria may vary from one country to another, for example you may qualify for one country whereas you may not for another country.

What Cangraft will do for you

We will make a detailed assessment of your case and will advice you if you qualify for Immigration or not, we will also tell you what documents will be required to file along with your application, how much will be the cost of immigration (Visa fee, medical expenses, and our consultation charges), what other requirements will be there during the immigration process.

Retainer ship Agreement Sign Up

We will mutually sign up the Retainer ship Agreement, which is a Legal document and it will mention all details like what Cangraft will do for you, and what Cangraft expects from you during the process, estimated time for getting the immigration visa and details of expenses along with all necessary refund clauses to safeguard your interests,

Application Package

We will prepare the entire application package for you which will include all required forms, supporting documents, evidences for which we will claim points, and the required application processing fee,

Interview , if required

Cangraft will try to ensure that an interview with the visa officer is waived off, however in the event of a telephonic or a personal interview Cangraft will give a very professional counseling to you for the same,

Medical Requirements

To qualify for the immigration you and your immediate family will have to undergo a medical examination, this is a legal requirement as per the immigration law and is applicable for all countries, it’s a very general kind of a medical test just to rule out any major illness or deformity, in case of any medical history we will advice you accordingly.

Police clearance

All applicants above 18 years of age will need a police clearance from either the Regional passport office or the nearest police station SHO level or above, we will support you with whatever information you need in this regard.

Our Commitment

Cangraft will be with you from sign up till you get your visa and will guide and advice  you at the pre departure stage with a brief introduction about the country where you are going to start a new life and many more details as required in your case to ensure a smooth transition into the new country, and not only that , Cangraft can also take care of you after you reach your destination, from Air port pickup to accommodation ,  initial registration formalities and of course the JOB Search,


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