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Following is a very brief list of some of our clients who are permanently settled in different countries or have returned after completing their studies.

Daljeet Mudhar Citizen Canada (Tornoto , Ontario)

Cangraft consultants handled our case so very well , from Visa formalities to our orientation about Canada, that today it has been over 5 years that we are well settled here, my kids are studying and the elder one has got a job also, we are really very happy.

You may ask Mr. Bali for my contact details any time, would be happy to help anyone planning to come to Canada , no issues.


Ram Bhatnagar Hotel Management , Centinial College Toronto Canada

Cangraft , they are real experts and nice way addressing our concerns , I am in Canada now with a Job and waiting for my PR.


Deepak Shrivastava, Permament resident , Calgary, Alberta Canada

Cangraft has really done a great job for me , I had never imagined settling in Canada so very well, in fact I remember when we were hesitant to quit our jobs before coming here, Mr. Bali really gave us lots of information and support , very positive advice and no rosy picture at all, all very practical advice really.

I have lots of regards and respect for them …


Sharmila Chauhan Citizen Melbourn Australia

These guys are good,  very detailed as required in the kind of services they are providing , so many things free of cost J


Raman Dhilon Permanent Resident, Calgary, Alberta Canada

Sanjay Bhaiya , you are great ….. thanks for everything , now may parents will be here soon,

Raman Dhillon

Deepa Kumari Computer Engineering, AIC St. Helens College , New Zealand

Am working as a Software Tester here in NZ , completed college 4 months back , thanks to Cangraft , they handled my case very well. Initially I was not prepared to study in NZ but now I feel proud that they sent me to this beautiful country.

Deepa Kumari

Anup Maurya Citizen Canada (Kamloops , British Columbia)

I remember when I first met Cangraft Consultants in 2003, I was not qualifying as a hardware engineer, they advices me to apply as “Technical Sales Specialist” , that was a clever move, and that worked, I came to Canada in 2005, and later got married and my wife came in 2009, now my parents application is in process, Thanks to Cangraft.

Rajesh Wadhwa Citizen Canada (Tornoto , Ontario)

I went to various consultants but finally signed up with Cangraft, they know each and every aspect of their business, and a very professional way of handling cases.


Rajneesh Ganguli George Brown College , Toronto Canada

I must say that these guys have all knowledge when it comes to admissions and visas, very important minute details , if you miss a small thing you may face rejection. In fact we realize many things only after the process, 


Anshul Ruhil Citizen Canada (Tornoto , Ontario)

I had almost finalized with another consultant, when I met Mr. Bali, I changed my mind, and I am glad I did that, there is a lot of value addition apart from regular application process, which comes handy after you move to a new country., I am a software professional settled in Canada , Toronto, and I recommend Cangraft very strongly.


Harjeet Singh Citizen Canada (Tornoto , Ontario)

I was self employed in my father’s business, we have a small contracting company into construction business, mainly air conditioning, plumbing, carpentry and related areas, I was not sure if my experience can get me immigration for skilled category, but Cangraft showed me the way, the evidence was the key, and their confidence was remarkable.

Harjeet Singh

Anadi Pathak Citizen Canada (Tornoto , Ontario)
Raj Pathak Permanent Resident Canada (Tornoto , Ontario)

I migrated to Canada in 2003 and then my brother Raj followed in 2006 on a work permit as a “Restaurant Manager”, now he has got his PR too, my parents have visited the place number of times, and all of us including kids are settled here, thanks to Cangraft and Mr. Sanjay Bali, It will be a pleasure to help anyone coming thru Cangraft, most welcome


Jyoten Kandel – HSMP Visa, Barmingam UK

Great confidence and detailed approach, they made my HSMP possible by their professionalism.


Sanjay Shrivastava Citizen Canada, Alberta

I was a mechanical engineer working for Indian Railways Gwalior, Mr. Bali really helped me and my family to migrate here in Canada, and no words can explain how well Cangraft has ensured a smooth immigration and our transition to this wonderful country.

Sanjay S

Ashwani Sharma Citizen Canada (Tornoto , Ontario)

Aman Gupta Permanent Resident, ( Canada ,Nova Scotia)

Meenu Sharma Citizen Canada (Tornoto , Ontario)

Chandra Veer Singh Permanent Resident, Calgary, Alberta Canada

Pradeep Singh Rana Permanent Resident Calgary, Alberta Canada

Tejinder Singh Citizen Canada (Tornoto , Ontario)

Gagandeep Singh Citizen Canada (Tornoto , Ontario)

Charanjeet Singh Citizen Canada (Tornoto , Ontario)

Pictures of the Sandwitch bar set-up in Canada under the Business Immigration Program




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